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18 Years Ago But She’s Still Wrinkle Free. Botox Will Do That To You

Stop the lights! Or at least re-arrange them in a way that makes Jenny McCarthy look younger than her 9 years would have you believe.

The ex-wife of Jim Carrey is sure to set Hugh’s trembling ticker into over-drive when she drops her garments for a re-appearance on the front of the iconic Magazine.

Time and botox have been good to her and I’m sure air-brushing techniques have advanced immeasurably since the 1994 Playmate Of  The Year last posed nude.

It’s not something you want to see just because it’s fascinating, like a Mike Tyson reality TV show but anyone who remembers Singled Out or has a straight gene in their body will have a look at this just to see how south things have gone since 1994.

On a side note; Garth Brooks! Remember him??

Unless you’re from Ireland you probably won’t understand the fervor of qualifying for a major football event and the ensuing cultural references that become part of every-day Irish diction for the next 20 odds years.

The plastic hammers, the ole ole’s, Jack giving it a lash and Houghton putting the ball in an English net. Everyone knows who Daniel Timofte is and a nation may still be holding its breath. Aldo has calmed down, Ray Houghton hasn’t got the back for the front tumble any-more and we hope there’s no tired and emotionals this time around.

Not got a clue what any of that just means? Unluckily for you, I guess you’re not from Ireland.

With Euro 2012 fast approaching Danny O’Reilly, Bressie and Damien Dempsey have written The Rocky Road To Poland and it delivers an ominous message to the Italians, Spanish and Croats; apparently you’ll never bet the Irish.

From what I heard the Real Madrid La Liga celebrations we put on hold so that some of the Spanish national team members could contemplate this foreboding message. Xavi & Iniesta take note too!

Give it a lash Trap.

When I first heard this, Martin Riggs sprang to mind. Classic Gibson.

You just know that somebody somewhere is going to catch a Mel Gibson meltdown, because they’re as inevitable as a raunchy Rihanna video. I for one, am glad of the inevitability of both.

In this public humiliation, Mel Gibson the person, is quite like Mel Gibson the actor, which makes me believe he may not be as good a thespian as I first thought.

His screenwriter is obviously not pulling his weight as Mel let’s him know that he’s a cocksucker among other things and that he’s getting paid while Mel is not.

It’s all pretty standard for a Gibson freak-out but I’m amazed that a guy called Eszterhas, did not get a Jewish reference thrown his direction in this.

Maybe Gibson knows what women don’t want to hear and he’s actually not as anti-Semitic as he’d have you believe. I’m just waiting for the next rant before I make up my mind on that.

In case you had planned to take part in the #wankout2012 I’m afraid to say that Rick Santorum has ruined all the fun by dropping out of his Presidential campaign. The insensitivity of some folk!

That’s not to say that most people will be giving up any scheduled self-satisfaction cum the first of May, but it just means that you wont have an official excuse should your beloved other half burst in the door and catch you.

”What the hell are you doing!!!”

”Hashtag wankout2012”

”But they cancelled that”


Better get planning some other plausible justification.

Everybody likes a feel good story so why not have a look at this one?

The video is a 10 minute documentary featuring genius nine-year old Caine Monroy. This kid has an imagination and brainpower that will ensure he won’t be working in a used car parts shop or arcade when he’s older.

The arcade consists of games made with cardboard, days passes, tickets and a boy in a sky blue t-shirt called Caine among other things.

Nirvan Mullick, the creator of the documentary, was the first customer of the arcade and was enthralled enough to make this short doc about it.

It’s a good way to start the day.

If ever there was a man who deserved to reach his 86th birthday , fully mentally equipped and not incontinent, it’s Hugh Hefner.

He deserves it mainly because he still has the mind to appreciate what it’s like to bed women a quarter of his age, regardless of whether he has some little blue assistance.

The video shows old Hugh with his(clued-in) son celebrating at The Palms in Vegas for his 85th. While there’s no footage of the 86th bash yet, I don’t doubt for one second what it will consist of.

The Playboy mogul had a tough year after he became engaged to Crystal Harris in 2010 only for her to break off the engagement on June 14, 2011, five days before their planned wedding.

Who says they’re only in it for the money?? Come to think of it I might have to review that incontinence line above.

Hugh Hefner. We salute you!

The first thing you think when you see this is why is the old guy hiding his right arm quite suspiciously out of view?

It’s only as the magic progresses that you realise he only has one arm, which makes this even more impressive.

A simple ball and cup routine never looked so simple or so encapsulating.

René Lavand is an Argentinean magician who makes things disappear quicker than Irish banks do money.


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock or staying in an apartment that has many leatherbound books and smells of rich mahogany but has no internet access you may not have heard the news.

Ron Burgundy announced on Conan that he will be giving us a ticket to the gun show yet again as the sequel to the legendary Anchorman is set to beginning filming in the coming months.

Sporting the finest of garments and accompanied by his Jazz flute, he shared the news to all the world.

60% of the time, it works every-time. I’m not sure they are actual statistics you can apply to sequels but who can question the wisdom of Brian Fontana?