If ever there was a man who deserved to reach his 86th birthday , fully mentally equipped and not incontinent, it’s Hugh Hefner.

He deserves it mainly because he still has the mind to appreciate what it’s like to bed women a quarter of his age, regardless of whether he has some little blue assistance.

The video shows old Hugh with his(clued-in) son celebrating at The Palms in Vegas for his 85th. While there’s no footage of the 86th bash yet, I don’t doubt for one second what it will consist of.

The Playboy mogul had a tough year after he became engaged to Crystal Harris in 2010 only for her to break off the engagement on June 14, 2011, five days before their planned wedding.

Who says they’re only in it for the money?? Come to think of it I might have to review that incontinence line above.

Hugh Hefner. We salute you!