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Get Acquainted With This. The BetDash Pay Table.

We’re coming to the end of the review and explanation of the Paddy Power fuelled online sports betting game BetDash and we present the final parts to comprehend here in part 4 of the series.

In previous parts 1, 2 and 3 we highlighted the nuances of the site and the ways in which you can challenge bets, place them and the ultimate point of the game which is to reach the million mark.

That leaves us to review the above image, which is the dollar dollar bills and how much cash you’ll have to spend on the girlfriend/wife when you take her out for dinner courtesy of the guys at BetDash.

  • BetDash Pay Table 

The three types of games that can be played are Conservative, Medium and Risky. In the picture above we can see a highlighted €10 Medium game. The main difference between the games are the payout amounts. For example, the top prize in a €10 entry Medium game is €150 in comparison to the top earnings of €200 is a €10 entry Risky Game.

As with all things, the more you put at risk the more you stand to earn. It may be advisable to start with a lower entry amount to begin with while you get a feel for the game. Once you are familiar with the ins and outs step up to a larger amount and bag a better prize.

The Boosters Are Available On Your Betslip

  • Boosters

Each game you play, you have the ability to unlock 5 boosters. You unlock boosters by winning bets as long as the odds on the bet are no shorter than 1/2.

The boosters are as follows:

  • 10,000 Win Bonus – Added to your returns on a winning bet. To unlock this booster, you simply need to win one bet with odds no shorter than 1/2. You can then apply this booster to any bet you place and add 10k to your returns.
  • 10,000 Free Bet – Bet 10,000 with no risk to your current bankroll. To unlock this booster, just win two bets with odds no shorter than 1/2 in any game and you can place a bet on any event totally risk free.
  • 10,000 Piggyback – Copy a bet by another player risk free. To unlock this booster, just win three bets with odds no shorter than 1/2 in any game. Then copy a bet by another player and select the booster in your betslip.
  • Bet Half Your Bankroll – To be able to place up to 50% of your bankroll on a single bet, you need to win four bets, again with odds no shorter than 1/2.
  • Bet All of Your Bankroll – Win five bets with odds no shorter than 1/2 and Go all in! Place up to 100% of your bankroll on a single bet. Note: it’s up to you what proportion you stake but this booster can only be used once per game.

Well that’s a wrap for the game. As I don’t own(unfortunately) BetDash I’m sure I haven’t covered every single aspect of the game over the four parts but there’s more than enough there to get you started.

For any additional queries you can check out the BetDash guide provided on the site. Look me up for a laugh or some smack under the screen name fleno_24 and follow me. I might even challenge you sometime or see you at the top of the leader-board.

Happy BetDash-ing!

More Awards Than Arsenal’s Trophy Cabinet

Back once again with some BetDash action and we’re pretty much well acquainted with the game up to this point. We’ve looked at the basics of the game and in part 2 we looked at a logged in account to see the way pending and settled bets displayed along with the game countdown and a brief look at challenges.

Today we’ll have a butchers at the Trophy Cabinet, My Mates and the Game Feed.

  • Trophy Cabinet

I love this section of the site because it lets you keep track of exactly where you’re at and it gives you the opportunity to use awards to place bets without having to put some of your balance at stake. That can be the difference between bankruptcy and reaching the hallowed million balance.

Some of the awards featured are Jammy Dodger(You must win 1 bets with cumulative odds over 25/1),Trainwreck(You must go bankrupt 1 times to unlock) and Big Kahunas(You must win 1 bets while risking your entire bankroll using the Bet All of your bankroll booster)

  • My Mates

It’s pretty self-explanatory because it’s where you can add friends, check followers and invite friends to the game. Inviting a friend is recommended as it will unlock your Mr Popular award giving you an extra 20k to play with.

Underneath the ”Current Game” tab on the left you can see the ”All Time High Score” tab which will allow you to view the highest score that your mates have reached and their current bankroll and heat index. See someone who’s on fire? Why not click on their profile and copy some bets from them to boost your balance.

It’s a feature such as this that differentiates BetDash from a normal sports betting site. Where as you would have no way of seeing another customer’s bets, here you can and it may help you reach the million quicker.

The last of the three tabs on the left is your BetDash rank which is displayed as #300, if you are that rank in the BetDash game.

  • Game Feed

Finally we come to the Game Feed which is located under the Bet History section of your account. This shows any updates that are happening in relation to your game. As you can see from my feed I’ve redeemed the max 25k in challenges that are allowed within the game.

Below the Congrats! message you can see a Congratulations!! notification which shows that my inkling for spotting a bad bet were correct and I have been awarded 2.5k for successfully challenging someone else’s bet.

So that concludes part 3 of the BetDash over-view and we’ll resume it tomorrow with a look at the Leaderboard, buy in options and Boosters.

BetDash Pending Bets Screen

So yesterday we had an introduction to the brilliant BetDash sports betting game which outlined the basic concepts and rules behind the game. Today we’re having a look at what the site looks like when you’re logged in.

As you can see, I’ve highlighted some of the features with a red box and will give a brief explanation of them. We’ll start from the top.

  • Time Remaining

As we explained, the game lasts a total of 21 days and once the clock has expired, your game is over and you can create a new one. As from the screenshot here, you can see that I’m roughly four days into it and not doing too well. If you look up fleno 24 on BetDash you might think it’s worth challenging some of my bets. Which leads us to the next  feature.

  • Challenge Won

Okay, so I’m not doing too well myself in this game but I know enough to recognise that there’s a guy on the site who just made a ludicrous bet that I know isn’t going to come up for him. So what do I do? If it was a two team game for example I’d just back the other team but the Challenge Won section of the site in this screenshot is for a horse race.

Basically I can’t tell you the exact winner but I know it’s not going to be his selection. So I challenge the bet. Remember the winner of the challenge wins the bonus. The loser loses nothing! Each day you visit the site consecutively, the value of the bonus increases. The first bonus received is for 2,500 and it rises incrementally when you log in each day.

  • Heat Index

The Heat index tells you how hot you are at a glance! It’s a five flame visual indicator that shows how well you have been doing in the game recently. The more profit you gain from winning bets, the higher your flame rating. Sadly I can only marvel at some people’s flameability because I don’t know if I’ve had mine beyond three but it’s a great incentive to study the form and make better picks.

  • Pending Bets/Settled Bets/Challenges

So finally this brings us to the highlighted box on the left of the screen. This is where you can see the pending bets on your account. In the picture I have a tennis treble showing the amount staked and the potential returns should the bet be successful. Once this has been completed it will appear in the Settled Bets(could it be any more straightforward) and will give the details of whether the bet was a winner or loser.

For ease of settlement the colour you want to see is green, as all winners are highlighted that way and any losing selections are in the dreaded red. It’s a good thing I support Manchester United otherwise I’d be sick to the teeth of the colour red. Finally in the section below Settled Bets there is the Challenges section which was touched upon earlier but it will show the details of any bets you’ve Challenged.

So that’s your BetDash tutorial for today. I’m still going to be betting, challenging, laughing at other people’s bets and crying over my own until tomorrow when I’ll show more features of the game such as boosters, awards, pay structures and more.

Think Facebook meets William Hill. That means you can do all the usual social media stuff but at the same time place bets, talk smack, challenge other people’s bets and make some money along the way too.

To get you acquainted here’s the basics of the game:

  • At the beginning of the game, a player is given a virtual bankroll of €100,000 for the purposes of placing bets. At no point in the game can a player “top up” their bankroll. Once they have lost all €100,000, their game is over.
  • The game lasts for 21 days and this is portrayed throughout the game via a countdown clock. At the conclusion of the 21 days, the game is over and the player has the choice whether they want to play again or not. Players will not be able to place bets on any matches that don’t start before the 21 day period is over.
  • Each day you visit the site, you are awarded a free daily challenge. You can use this to challenge any bet on BetDash by any player. The winner of the challenge wins the bonus. The loser loses nothing! Each day you visit the site consecutively, the value of the bonus increases.
  • Players have the choice whether to play the game for free or for real money. With free games you have a chance to win up to €2 in game credits. Game credits can be used to buy in for real money games. You can buy into real games for as little as €2.

So that’s the game in a condensed and concise summation. It’s something you can have serious fun with, invite and follow friends. Follow this link to get playing and you can follow me on there by searching for the username fleno_24