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It’s never nice to see someone’s hard work and dedication result in a sickening face-plant but you have to admit, it’s funny as hell!

I’ve always found there to be something enchanting about watching gymnasts mistime their mounts/dismounts because it’s hilarious. Even if I was an elite level athlete, I’d have to laugh at myself if I messed up this badly.

Unfortunately for Nastia Liukin, her hopes and dreams for an appearance at this years Olympics in London fell flat as she lost control of her routine on the uneven bars.

Credit to her as she dusts herself off and continues after failing to land a Gienger dismount. At 22 her career is over, which is pretty mind-blowing but such is the life of a gymnast.

She is the 2008 Olympic individual all-around Champion, the 2005 and 2007 World Champion on the balance beam, and the 2005 World Champion on the uneven bars. With nine World Championships medals, seven of them individual, Liukin is tied with Shannon Miller for the second-highest tally of World Championship medals; Alicia Sacramone has ten.

Despite the end of her gymnastic career, Liukin will go to London as the athlete representative for the Federation of International Gymnasts

I’m not sure Hollywood classic The Deerhunter would have received such critical acclaim had the bullets in the guns at the Russian Roulette table been replaced with eggs.

The general public does not have a death-wish so the egg variety was always going to be more popular. How long this game type is in existence I don’t know, but it’s only coming to my attention now.

In the video you will see one of the organisers, I imagine, pleading a case for their being skill involved in this game. I’m at a loss to figure out where the skill in randomly picking an egg out of a box is.

The eventual winner of the World Championship in Lincolnshire was England’s Jerry Cullen who’ll show his ”skill” if he can defend the crown again next year.

Either way, it’s good fun and it beats seeing blood splattered all over a table. It also gives an opportunity for some pun fun.

The guys who take part can shell out some punishment, leave someone with egg on their face, crack under pressure………. you get the idea.

Try it with your friends then next time they’re over. It can get messy so its best played every now and hen.

Self-admittedly there has been a slump in the content that was previously  forcibly fed via email notification in the last few weeks. Building a business empire, or at least pondering the thought of it can be quite time-consuming.

So it was going to take something special to get the creative juices flowing again and what better than a boxing match and a promotional video featuring one of the most ridiculous men in existence to do it.

If Barry Hearn is the people’s promoter, then Frank Warren is akin to the character Joaquin Pheonix played in Gladiator. That is, an individual relatively few people liked to begin with, that gets less tolerable as time goes on.

When the video to promote the fight nobody is really taking seriously popped up, it had to be shown here. Danny Dyer does his usual acting the hard man, complete with an awkward East End swagger that just looks comical- in a bad way.

Not only that, but the former Human Traffic star’s acting look s the complete opposite of replete.

As for the fight, it features one guy who thinks he’s a Heavyweight but is really a Cruiserweight, fighting against some other guy who lost to one of the Klitschko’s.

I could give you more information but it’s so uninteresting I’m not going to bother.

It’s on in Upton Park apparently. Take it away Danny. And leave it there.