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EURO 2012

You may not yet know who is going to win it or what player will finish as top scorer but you know it’s definitely going ahead and Tomasz and Dimitriy above have been training for it for years.

If you’re worried about the imminent threat of racist lunatic Eastern Europeans upon your arrival in Poland and Ukraine then you’ll agree with the words of an ex-England international because I think Sol Campbell has a point.

In an attempt to either make some money off the bookies or help you justify to your mates why you advised them to pick that losing selection, I’ve undertaken the arduous task of copying and pasting these stats from *another site but added a personal touch of some pics for extra visual effect.








Kept six clean sheets in their 10 qualification games, and averaged 1.8 goals per game – however, a third of their tally came from two games against whipping-boys Malta.

They’ve played in the competition three times and have never lost their opening match – that sequence includes two 1-0 wins and a 0-0 draw.

Two of their three World Cup openers have also ended 1-0, albeit to the opposition. This includes defeat to Brazil in 2006, and the only game that doesn’t adhere to the low-goals trend is their 3-1 win over Jamaica in 1998.






If we include their play-off, they kept a clean sheet in exactly half their qualifying matches – five from 10 – while both teams scored in just three.

Scored first in seven of those 10 games, which includes away in Spain.

Defender Michal Kadlec was their top-scorer with four, three of which came from the penalty spot. No other player scored more than twice in qualifying.






Scored in every one of their qualifying games and indeed have found the net in 17 of their last 19 internationals.

However, in their last four European Championships, they’ve scored just once in their opening game, and Denmark also failed to score in their first game of the last World Cup.

Their qualifying goals were almost equally spread – eight of 15 came in the first half and seven in the second






As shown below, England top the charts when it comes to entertainment in this competition since 1996, with both teams scoring in 75 per cent of their games and an average goals total of over three.

Unbeaten in qualifying, but failed to win having scored first in two of their last four games, both of which ended in 2-2 draws.

Failed to beat all three of their group opponents when last they met in either a qualifying campaign or major tournament.






France’s unbeaten run (prior to facing Serbia) stands at 19 games, the longest active streak of any international side.

Won five of their 10 qualifying games to nil, and have 11 clean sheets in their last 19 games.

Their last three opening games at major tournaments have ended 0-0, that’s since they beat this year’s opening opponents England 2-1 in 2004, and they’ve not won any of their last seven games in summer finals.






Won each of their 10 qualifying games and scored three or more goals in eight of them.

Have failed to score in just one of their last 21 internationals and average three goals per game across their last 10.

Unbeaten in their opening game of the tournament since unification, winning six of those 10 contests without conceding.






Since the 2010 World Cup, Greece have lost just one of their last 20 internationals and prior to that defeat had gone 17 matches unbeaten.

Thirteen of their last 15 wins have been by exactly one goal, while only once in their last 20 games have Greece conceded more than once.

Since winning this in 2004, they’ve played in two major tournaments, winning one of six games and failing to get out of their group both times.






Won their first nine qualifying games before losing their final match to Sweden, despite leading 2-1.

Have won eight of their last nine games in the group stages of major tournaments and have not lost their opening match in this competition since 1988.

Beaten after extra time or penalties three times in their last five major tournaments, including the 2010 World Cup final.






Nine of their last 10 international victories have been to nil.

Eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup despite being drawn with Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia, and indeed failed to beat any of the trio.

Have won just two of their last nine games in the finals of this competition.






Have lost just one of their last 11 international matches, but have won just three of their last 13 in major tournament finals.

Six of their last nine victories have been by a goal to nil and each goal came courtesy of a different scorer.

In 13 games against their Group A opponents, they’ve lost just three times, while they’re unbeaten against Greece who they play in the tournament curtain-raiser.






Seven of their 10 qualifying games provided three or more goals, while six of them saw Portugal score three or more on their own.

Lost the first and last game of Euro 2004 to Greece, the champions.

Indeed, their last five eliminations from this tournament have been to either the eventual winners (four times) or the eventual runners-up (once).






Eleven of their last 12 internationals have provided three or fewer goals, with 10 of those providing two or fewer.

At their last major competition in 2002, three of their four games ended 1-1 after 90 minutes.

First appearance in this competition since 1988, when they beat England in their opening game but finished third in the group despite also drawing with the USSR.






Unbeaten in 12 internationals, with six wins and six draws.

Just four of their last 24 have provided three or more goals.

Have lost their opening game in each of their three European Championship finals, two of them to Spain, who also knocked them out in the 2008 semi-finals.






Current holders of both this title and the World Cup, and won all eight qualifying games despite keeping just three clean sheets.

Have lost just one of their last 40 games in either qualifying for major tournaments or the finals of them, which was a 1-0 defeat in their first game of the last World Cup.

Spain were the top-scoring team at Euro 2008, David Villa was the top-scoring player, and nine of their squad made the team of the tournament.






Just four of their last 38 international matches have ended all-square.

Nine of their 10 qualifying games provided three or more goals, despite the fact that both teams scored in just six of them.

Unbeaten in the first game of their last four major finals, and have advanced from the group stage in three of those competitions.






This will be their debut in the European Championship, having failed to qualify in three attempts.

Ukraine have played just one major tournament but reached the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup.

Their last 19 games show six wins, six defeats, and seven draws.






Qualifying total goals per game

Holland 4.50
Sweden 4.20
Germany 4.10
Portugal 4.10
Spain 4.00
England 2.75
Denmark 2.63
Croatia 2.33
Republic of Ireland 2.33
Czech Republic 2.30
Italy 2.20
Russia 2.10
France 1.90
Greece 1.90
Poland and Ukraine qualify as tournament hosts

Qualifying both teams score percentage

Spain 62.50
Germany 60.00
Portugal 60.00
Sweden 60.00
Denmark 50.00
Greece 50.00
Republic of Ireland 50.00
Holland 40.00
England 37.50
Croatia 33.33
Czech Republic 30.00
France 30.00
Italy 20.00
Russia 20.00
Poland and Ukraine qualify as tournament hosts

Tournament total goals per game

England 3.08
Russia 2.82
Holland 2.67
Czech Republic 2.59
Denmark 2.50
France 2.44
Sweden 2.40
Portugal 2.37
Spain 2.35
Croatia 2.27
Germany 2.22
Greece 1.89
Italy 1.88
Poland 1.67
Republic of Ireland n/a
Ukraine n/a
Since competition switched to current format in 1996

Tournament both teams score percentage

England 75.00
France 61.11
Spain 58.82
Czech Republic 52.94
Germany 50.00
Sweden 50.00
Russia 45.45
Greece 44.44
Holland 44.44
Portugal 42.10
Croatia 36.36
Poland 33.33
Italy 26.67
Denmark 20.00
Republic of Ireland n/a
Ukraine n/a
Since competition switched to current format in 1996

*Statistics courtesy of BettingZone

You’ve got to applaud the ingenuity of a pranker. It’s a skill in itself and something that we need to see more of.

The last great prank I saw was the blindfolded half-time basketball shot that one friend set up on another. While this one isn’t as elaborate or as hard-hitting in its climax it’s still good to watch the crowd’s reaction.

The rock bottom of it is that a group of friends decide to bury a treasure chest filled with chocolate gold on beach during the night and then conduct a dig during the day, while capturing the hysteria of the wide-eyed onlookers.

It all takes place on the sands of Venice Beach in California. Not the type of place you’re likely to find a Long John Silver type treasure haul but its good jest no doubt.

The original video is posted as an epic fail which is pretty much way off the mark. Usually an epic fail has a degree of humor to it because of the nature of the ridiculous attempt of one person trying to do something.

In this case there’s nothing epic about it as the video footage shows a babysitter( and you thought Louise Woodward was dangerous) placing a child into s washing machine. While it may have been done in jest, the machine then begins its cycle with the child trapped inside.

Apparently the machine requires a laundry card and someone to manually lock the door to start, then the machine auto-locks when the washer starts so customers don’t flood the laundromat.

This would explain the frantic running around of the guilty party to get the child released.


I’m sure every man, woman, child and tired dog sleeping by the fire have seen and heard this by now as it did happen last week. I was watching the show at the time but due to being slumped on the sofa with a few cans of the world’s finest beers known to man, I couldn’t have been bothered getting up to post this at the time. Such dedication I know!

Several days went by and for some reason this popped into the old brain factory so if you haven’t seen it yet and you happen to stumble upon the site, now is your chance.

To summarise it briefly, Graham Norton had Will Smith, Gary Barlow and Tom Jones on as guests on The Graham Norton Show and the topic of Will performing the rap came up. Cue the admittance that every audience member knows the words and the presentation of a synth to Take That’s Gary Barlow and you have some entertaining viewing.

All present in my house at the time rapped along to it as it’s a certified classic.

Never mind what Eminem says about Will Smith’s raps being too clean. At least they’re not utter garbage likes your latest efforts Marshall.

His time at Liverpool was as adventurous as Paul Konchesky’s and upon his departure from the Merseyside club, prompted Jeff Stelling to come out with this brilliant line when asked why Phil Thompson was absent from the Gillette Soccer Saturday panel:

If you wondered where Phil Thompson is today, he’s currently driving Andriy Voronin to Dynamo Moscow

Voronin is just truly awful. You’ve got to wonder how someone who is so devoid of talent can find consistent employment. If you ever questioned his genius for entertainment of the hilarious kind you never will again after watching the above video.

In the Ukraine’s 4-0 win over Estonia on Monday night, Voronin actually got on the score-sheet but then went and undid all his good work by adding more fire to the flame of what’s left of his career with this miss.

Ronny Rosenthal has a new companion in the pantheon of shocking misses. Take a bow Andriy.

Chris Hayes is trending, praise the Lord!

It’s refreshing to know that there’s somebody in America who has an opinion that runs contrary to the general belief that anything military related needs to be exalted. Unfortunately for Chris Hayes, his thoughts on the use of the word hero have resulted in him being demonised to point where he has had to issue an apology for his comments. Obviously, as a journalist he wishes to maintain his job and career, so I don’t read to heavily into the sincerity of the apology.

While I greatly respect him for the initial argument of which I deemed to be a valid one, his subsequent reversal in light of the fire-storm of the general public has rescinded some of the respect I had for him.

As we all know, America has the US Constitution which contains The First Amendment . Said Amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

As so many Americans are quick to quote this to justify the opinions that they wish to express, it seems that when something is contrary to what the majority of the general public believe, this Amendment seems not to exist. I think it’s a sad reflection of the country as a whole and it highlights the success of the government in their ability to spin a belief that anything remotely negative concerning the troops of the United States borders on blasphemy.

I take this stance as someone who was born in Ireland and still resides here. I have an innate understanding of what war is, not from the atrocities that have plagued the North of Ireland but from the actual stories and reasoning behind the people who died for Ireland through-out the country’s history and during various wars such as WWI and WWII.

Do I have an opinion on certain people and the reason they died? Yes I do. Where some people will call Bobby Sands a hero for his death during a hunger strike in 1981 I would not. Does it make me a terrible person? No. Does it make my opinion less valid? It doesn’t as I can present my reasoning for it in a lucid and sensical manner.

Padraig Pearse – A Man Deserved Of The Title Hero

When I think of a hero, in the genuine sense of the word, somebody like Padraig Pearse immediately springs to mind. He was one of the leading men of the 1916 Rising and fought to secure the freedom of Ireland from an invading force and altruistically died for the greater good of the country. There was no oil supplies to be gained or trade relations improved by his actions. This is what a hero is. Selfless and for the greater good of his country.

It’s not to detract from the efforts of thousands of  US troops who whole-heartedly deserve both the praise and the title of hero. The men and women responsible for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden make the world a safer place for all but to deem every single person who serves as a hero is wrong and it detracts from the heroics of the people who are deserving of it.

As Chris Hayes alluded to, the branding of the word hero seems like a way to justify the continued casualties of soldiers who are fighting wars they do not fully understand the reasoning behind or the need for. America has gained financially from wars in the past such as The Gulf War. This is common knowledge and is not disputable. Soldiers also make a good living from their jobs, albeit with a massive risk in some cases.

The people of America need to take a backwards step and review their society. In a country that has such a gulf and divide between rich and poor, do they not see a need to spend a proportion of the allotted $1 trillion military budget in a way that will benefit the people of the country financially? The argument will be made that by spending that their ”freedom is safe” but this is something that has been ingrained to be true when it’s questionable.

It’s refreshing to hear Chris Hayes’ views and although some may say his timing was off, what he says holds validity. You just need to view it impartially to appreciate it.

Get Acquainted With This. The BetDash Pay Table.

We’re coming to the end of the review and explanation of the Paddy Power fuelled online sports betting game BetDash and we present the final parts to comprehend here in part 4 of the series.

In previous parts 1, 2 and 3 we highlighted the nuances of the site and the ways in which you can challenge bets, place them and the ultimate point of the game which is to reach the million mark.

That leaves us to review the above image, which is the dollar dollar bills and how much cash you’ll have to spend on the girlfriend/wife when you take her out for dinner courtesy of the guys at BetDash.

  • BetDash Pay Table 

The three types of games that can be played are Conservative, Medium and Risky. In the picture above we can see a highlighted €10 Medium game. The main difference between the games are the payout amounts. For example, the top prize in a €10 entry Medium game is €150 in comparison to the top earnings of €200 is a €10 entry Risky Game.

As with all things, the more you put at risk the more you stand to earn. It may be advisable to start with a lower entry amount to begin with while you get a feel for the game. Once you are familiar with the ins and outs step up to a larger amount and bag a better prize.

The Boosters Are Available On Your Betslip

  • Boosters

Each game you play, you have the ability to unlock 5 boosters. You unlock boosters by winning bets as long as the odds on the bet are no shorter than 1/2.

The boosters are as follows:

  • 10,000 Win Bonus – Added to your returns on a winning bet. To unlock this booster, you simply need to win one bet with odds no shorter than 1/2. You can then apply this booster to any bet you place and add 10k to your returns.
  • 10,000 Free Bet – Bet 10,000 with no risk to your current bankroll. To unlock this booster, just win two bets with odds no shorter than 1/2 in any game and you can place a bet on any event totally risk free.
  • 10,000 Piggyback – Copy a bet by another player risk free. To unlock this booster, just win three bets with odds no shorter than 1/2 in any game. Then copy a bet by another player and select the booster in your betslip.
  • Bet Half Your Bankroll – To be able to place up to 50% of your bankroll on a single bet, you need to win four bets, again with odds no shorter than 1/2.
  • Bet All of Your Bankroll – Win five bets with odds no shorter than 1/2 and Go all in! Place up to 100% of your bankroll on a single bet. Note: it’s up to you what proportion you stake but this booster can only be used once per game.

Well that’s a wrap for the game. As I don’t own(unfortunately) BetDash I’m sure I haven’t covered every single aspect of the game over the four parts but there’s more than enough there to get you started.

For any additional queries you can check out the BetDash guide provided on the site. Look me up for a laugh or some smack under the screen name fleno_24 and follow me. I might even challenge you sometime or see you at the top of the leader-board.

Happy BetDash-ing!

Williams After Beating Carlos Quintana To Win The WBO Welterweight Title In 2008

Boxer Paul Williams has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident near Atlanta, resulting in him being paralysed from the waist down.

Williams apparently swerved to avoid contact with a vehicle Sunday and lost control of his motorcycle.

The 30-year-old Williams, who was scheduled to fight Mexican star and super-welterweight world champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Sept. 15 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, has no feeling below his waist and will undergo surgery on Wednesday.

His manager George Peterson told The Associated Press:

From the waist down, he has absolutely no movement. He’s in very good spirits, though. He still believes he’s going to fight again.

The question was posed to Peterson regarding the continuation of Williams’ career and the possibility of ever fighting again to which he responded:

Our thoughts aren’t there right now. He’s undergoing this procedure, and we’re hoping he can get back on his feet after that. That’s all we’re hoping for.

Williams(41-2 27 KOs’)won his first major welterweight title in July 2007 with a decision over Antonio Margarito. He struggled to land fights with the sport’s biggest stars because of his pronounced size advantages and high-volume punching rate.

This news comes on the back of the announcement on Sunday that five-time world champion Johnny “La Vida Loca” Tapia died age 45.



I can’t say it’s been at the top of my ”to see” list, in fact I don’t think it’s ever really entered my thoughts but I’m certainly not adverse to some skipping in slow motion.

The video features a girl from the Pure Storm modelling agency in London and a fitting tune by Irish singer Van Morrison.

In the test the guys from photography-factory are using a Vision Research Phantom HD slow motion camera shooting to a 120 gig ram stack at 1000frames per second, the lens was a 35mm Carl Zeiss Planar T* wide open.

At the end of the video it reminded me of the South Park episode where they test the boys’ class to see their level of sex addiction and they are asked ”what colour was the handkerchief in the nice ladies hand?” to which they some respond ”what handkerchief?”

If you ask ”what skipping rope” you’ve been paying attention a little too intently.

Coral Rekindling Venus  is major work for fulldome digital planetariums by acclaimed artist Lynette Wallworth.

It is an extraordinary journey into a mysterious realm of fluorescent coral reefs, bioluminescent sea creatures and rare marine life, revealing a complex community living in the oceans most threatened by climate change.

Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist whose practice spans video installation, photography and film. Often working in series or meditations on one theme, her measured pace gently insists that patient observation might lead to layers of understanding between ourselves, others and the natural environment.

Her work has been presented at the Auckland Triennial, Melbourne International Arts Festival and the Sydney festival as well as being exhibited internationally from Arnolfini, The Young Vic and Festival d’Aix en Provence in Europe to New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in the United States.

If you’re eager to see more about the project pop over to the website.