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If you’ve just bought a new iPad or you found one lying around(lucky you) this video will show you a few ways to get the most out of it.

From taking screen-shots to showing traffic on maps, there’s an abundance of features that can enhance your usage and ultimately the amount of bang you get for your buck.

It might even reinforce your view that Apple is the best. Which lets face it, it definitely is!

All upsides have a downside and Mr Fred Stutzman is lying in wait to capitalise on it.

His new anti-social software is an acceptable way of admitting that you are devoid of the control required to the resist social media for certain extended periods of time.

We’re told on the site that ”you will feel a deep sense of shame for rebooting just to waste time on Twitter, you’re unlikely to cheat”

A deep sense of shame is something you should get from visiting X rated sites behind your wife’s back but you don’t, so there’s no hope for an Anti-Porn software me reckons.


Don’t let the headline fool you. It’s not that the standard of driving or stress of instructing is driving instructors to increased drug use.

It’s the 21st century so it means technology where-ever possible. The old days of ticking enough boxes to fail you will be replaced with touching a screen instead as driving instructors look to embrace the use of tablets.

The instructor might even take a picture of your disappointment when he delivers the bad news to you so it can be posted on an internal forum somewhere.

Mark my words, this or something sexually sordid will happen somewhere down the line.

The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles, Oasis vs Blur, Coke vs Pepsi. You get the idea.

There is always an active tech debate among phone users as to whether Android or Apple is the premium phone type and this video sees the HTC One X do battle with an iPhone 4s.

I’m a former Android man who sports an iPhone and I’ll never go back. While there are lots of people who will argue this I think it’s easier to let the numbers do the talking.

I think the outcome will show that Apple gets the Job(s) done.