When I first heard this, Martin Riggs sprang to mind. Classic Gibson.

You just know that somebody somewhere is going to catch a Mel Gibson meltdown, because they’re as inevitable as a raunchy Rihanna video. I for one, am glad of the inevitability of both.

In this public humiliation, Mel Gibson the person, is quite like Mel Gibson the actor, which makes me believe he may not be as good a thespian as I first thought.

His screenwriter is obviously not pulling his weight as Mel let’s him know that he’s a cocksucker among other things and that he’s getting paid while Mel is not.

It’s all pretty standard for a Gibson freak-out but I’m amazed that a guy called Eszterhas, did not get a Jewish reference thrown his direction in this.

Maybe Gibson knows what women don’t want to hear and he’s actually not as anti-Semitic as he’d have you believe. I’m just waiting for the next rant before I make up my mind on that.