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November 9th is the day pencilled in the diaries of women fawning for a hunky man in borderline acceptable tight speedos as Bond, James Bond, returns to the screen for the release of the 752nd James Bond film. We know there’s not that many but the it kind of feels that way sometimes.

So in anticipation of massive explosions, clichéd cuff-link fixing and, the  bedding of some beautiful women we’re going to post a fact a day courtesy of Time magazine until a) we get bored and stop or b) we get loads of emails from people telling us they’re bored with it and we stop.

For the time being you can enjoy lapping up the Bond goodness and remember that knowing a lot of random stuff about James Bond will impress women as much as if not more than a tailored suit, rock hard abs, and an Aston Martin DB9. You’ve been warned.

Goldfinger Is Played by Two Different Actors


It’s not too unusual for actors to claim they have skills they don’t, figuring they can always learn to ride a horse, shoot a gun or dance the tango if the need arises. But in the case of Goldfinger, a white lie of that variety landed the German actor Gert Fröbe without a voice. When he was approached to play the titular villain, his agent confirmed to the Bond producers that Fröbe spoke English. But as Roger Moore tells it in his book Bond on Bond, Fröbe’s vocabulary was limited to “How do you do? I am very pleased to be here.” The actor Michael Collins ended up voicing all of Goldfinger’s lines, which were then dubbed over Fröbe’s performance.

Family Guy have indelibly linked Joaquin Phoenix with a re-count of the death of River Phoenix outside the Viper Room and the phrase ”hair-lipped reminder of what could have been”. It’s a shame that is what first comes to mind as I actually really admire him as a an actor.

Whether he’s rapping, trying to commit incest with a Roman-era sister or walking some kind of line he’s always been fantastic.

So when I heard of The Master, I have to admit I was pretty excited. When I saw the trailer I became even more-so because it’s one of the most unusual and intriguing trailers I’ve seen. It’s actually quite refreshing to see a trailer that doesn’t have an over the top explosion, naked woman or deluge of named actors in an attempt to draw you in.

Now don’t get me wrong . To quote Brain Fontana from Anchorman; ”I looove the ladies” but sometimes a film that requires some thought and your own opinion is nice.

Did I forget to mention that one of my top 5 all time actors stars here?

Yes Philip Seymour Hoffman is present as a charismatic intellectual who launches a religious organization following World War II. Phoenix, playing a drifter, becomes his right-hand man but as the faith begins to gain a fervent following, the drifter finds himself questioning the belief system and his mentor.

All sounds very much like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s relationship.

The film is co-written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson of Boogie Nights & There Will Be Blood fame and hits the screens this October.

Can’t wait!

Apparently it’s jean-creaming time according to the Channel 4 news team and the sight of a decadently clad Ron Burgundy in an Anchorman 2 trailer might just be enough to reduce some men to a prematurely moist nether regions.

The second movie, titled “Anchorman: The Legend Continues,” has yet to start shooting but director Adam McKay says the plot takes place when “news started changing with the 24-hours news cycle in ’78 or ’79” and stations diversified with minority anchors. “We know these guys never deal well with change, and the good thing is that there’s a big blast of change coming,” McKay adds.

It’s a shame the trailer says the film will be 2013 because I was hoping for something this year. In the mean-time I’ll have to make do with some re-runs of the first film while I continue to browse through my many leather-bound books.

It’s been just a little too long since we got to see the last Batman but it’s finally here. The third of the Christopher Nolan trilogy will be hitting screens on 25th July.

This time round Christopher Bale will be battling Bane along-side some irritant film workers no doubt in what looks like a pretty amazing film.

With Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman on-screen what’s not to like?

I’m a fan of the part toward the end of the trailer where the pitch sinks as the player runs toward the end zone leavening a trail of destruction in his wake. That’s exactly what we’ll be seeing from Trent Richardson this NFL season.



It’s been pretty evident for a while now that Adam Sandler’s career is going down faster than a blonde on Spring Break and the Family Guy video is a pretty accurate reflection of that.

While we knew it was bad, the final confirmation came in the shape of a new Razzie record haul of 10 awards at this year’s ceremony.

Ninety-seven percent of the critics at Rotten Tomatoes disliked Adam Sandler’s two-for-one horror show  twin comedy JACK AND JILL.

In the April Fools’ night ceremonies in Santa Monica, Jack & Jill set a new record, becoming the first film in the 32-year history of the RAZZIES® to bag every single tacky trophy handed out.


CoolCounterCulture loves funny stuff, Seth McFarlane and Mila Kunis(among other things) so the news of the upcoming film from the creator of American Dad & Family Guy was welcome news indeed.

Starring Mark Wahlberg and That 70’s Show star Kunis, the film tracks the relationship between a weed smoking, foul-mouthed bear and his owner.

The trailer shows Ted humping a shop scanner and simulating oral sex with a Mars bar. This will be funny.

What’s that word for something thats not needed? Un………………necessary, yes unnecessary.

Then there’s a word for having seen something before, it’s……….deja-vu, that’s it.

When you put them both together you get unnecessary deja-vu and it’s something that Hollywood seems to specialise in of late.

The latest misstep brings a needless remake of Total Recall to the big screen. Surely a 3D version of the original would make more sense than a totally new film.

Did they not have James Cameron’s number?

I’ll let you decide but a cheeky, rouge Irishman just doesn’t adequately take the place of a philandering, body-building Austrian and never will.