Unless you’re from Ireland you probably won’t understand the fervor of qualifying for a major football event and the ensuing cultural references that become part of every-day Irish diction for the next 20 odds years.

The plastic hammers, the ole ole’s, Jack giving it a lash and Houghton putting the ball in an English net. Everyone knows who Daniel Timofte is and a nation may still be holding its breath. Aldo has calmed down, Ray Houghton hasn’t got the back for the front tumble any-more and we hope there’s no tired and emotionals this time around.

Not got a clue what any of that just means? Unluckily for you, I guess you’re not from Ireland.

With Euro 2012 fast approaching Danny O’Reilly, Bressie and Damien Dempsey have written The Rocky Road To Poland and it delivers an ominous message to the Italians, Spanish and Croats; apparently you’ll never bet the Irish.

From what I heard the Real Madrid La Liga celebrations we put on hold so that some of the Spanish national team members could contemplate this foreboding message. Xavi & Iniesta take note too!

Give it a lash Trap.