I’m not sure Hollywood classic The Deerhunter would have received such critical acclaim had the bullets in the guns at the Russian Roulette table been replaced with eggs.

The general public does not have a death-wish so the egg variety was always going to be more popular. How long this game type is in existence I don’t know, but it’s only coming to my attention now.

In the video you will see one of the organisers, I imagine, pleading a case for their being skill involved in this game. I’m at a loss to figure out where the skill in randomly picking an egg out of a box is.

The eventual winner of the World Championship in Lincolnshire was England’s Jerry Cullen who’ll show his ”skill” if he can defend the crown again next year.

Either way, it’s good fun and it beats seeing blood splattered all over a table. It also gives an opportunity for some pun fun.

The guys who take part can shell out some punishment, leave someone with egg on their face, crack under pressure………. you get the idea.

Try it with your friends then next time they’re over. It can get messy so its best played every now and hen.