November 9th is the day pencilled in the diaries of women fawning for a hunky man in borderline acceptable tight speedos as Bond, James Bond, returns to the screen for the release of the 752nd James Bond film. We know there’s not that many but the it kind of feels that way sometimes.

So in anticipation of massive explosions, clichéd cuff-link fixing and, the  bedding of some beautiful women we’re going to post a fact a day courtesy of Time magazine until a) we get bored and stop or b) we get loads of emails from people telling us they’re bored with it and we stop.

For the time being you can enjoy lapping up the Bond goodness and remember that knowing a lot of random stuff about James Bond will impress women as much as if not more than a tailored suit, rock hard abs, and an Aston Martin DB9. You’ve been warned.

Goldfinger Is Played by Two Different Actors


It’s not too unusual for actors to claim they have skills they don’t, figuring they can always learn to ride a horse, shoot a gun or dance the tango if the need arises. But in the case of Goldfinger, a white lie of that variety landed the German actor Gert Fröbe without a voice. When he was approached to play the titular villain, his agent confirmed to the Bond producers that Fröbe spoke English. But as Roger Moore tells it in his book Bond on Bond, Fröbe’s vocabulary was limited to “How do you do? I am very pleased to be here.” The actor Michael Collins ended up voicing all of Goldfinger’s lines, which were then dubbed over Fröbe’s performance.