Hot 20-something ex Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader plus a 17-year-old student mixed with a plethora of sexual advances= dream scenario being taken advantage of. Apparently.

Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and Kentucky high school teacher Sarah Jones pleaded guilty to reduced sexual misconduct charges related to the 27-year-old’s sexual relationship with a former student.

Today, Jones, not for the first time it would appear, opened up on the relationship:

“I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority,” Jones said in court (via the Associated Press).

To add more spice to the story in 2009, Jones sued founder Nik Richie for posting a picture of Jones that claimed she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and was having sex with Bengals players. She was rewarded an $11 million default judgement for defamation.

Each time I hear of a case of a teacher ”taking advantage” of their position of power by initiating a sexual relationship with a student I immediately think of this piece of dialogue from South Park which pretty much sums up the whole issue perfectly:

Kyle: It’s the kindergarten teacher, Ms. Stephenson.
Police Sergeant: The blonde?
Kyle: Yeah.
Policeman #1: Some young boy is having sex with Ms. Stephenson?
Kyle: Yes.
Policeman #1: Nice.
Police Sergeant: Nice.
Kyle: What? No, you don’t understand…
Policeman #1: You sure they’ve had sex?
Kyle: Yeah!
Policeman #2: Has she performed oral sex on him?
Kyle: I think so.
Policeman #2: Nice.
Policeman #1: Nice!
Policeman #2: [whispers] Nicccce.
Police Sergeant: So, wait. What’s the crime?
Policeman #1: The crime is she isn’t doing it with me.
[cops laugh]
Kyle: Hey! He’s totally underage. She’s taking advantage of him!
Police Sergeant: You’re right. We’re sorry. This is serious. We need to track this student down and
Police Sergeant: give him his “Luckiest Boy in America” medal right away.
[cops laugh heartily]