They said this record could never be beaten; don’t they say that about a lot of records? In this case of Johnny ”could my haircut be any more precise” Unitas’ consecutive TD record they were almost correct given that Unitas set the record between 1956 and 1960 and no one had come within 10 games until Brees began to close in late last season.

But the Chargers against Saints game was to be the one as Brees, under the watchful eye of a banned Sean Peyton, connected on a 40 yard pass to a wide open Devery Henderson and the record books were re-written. Again.

Not to put too big a slant on the record that Brees now holds, but the level of protection afforded to the QB and the ease with which a pass interference flag is thrown these days detracts from the credibility somewhat.

Although the Saints have a paltry 1-4 record at the moment, there is no reason to suggest that Brees can’t continue his record with games against Tampa Bay, Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Oakland coming up. Of the five teams mentioned only one of them has an overall defense inside the top 10; Brees will have his chances.

A certain Tom Brady of the New England Patriots extended his record to 37 games Sunday in the 31-21 victory over Denver on Sunday. Could you rule him out on surpassing Brees at some stage? I wouldn’t.