Commencing countdown, engines on! There’s now only eight days until show-time for Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, who are scheduled to meet each other in Las Vegas for the WBO Welterweight title.

One thing that has become massively evident to me during the build-up is that this fight has failed to capture the public’s imagination. To fight fans, such as you and me, we are looking forward to the clash immensely. To the general public the pre-fight bite and the perceived lack of another big name like Pac-Man’s are hindering it.

In the lead up to the recent Mayweather/Cotto bout, there was a real sense of anticipation. Although most people knew that fight was only going to end one way, we still wanted to see Mayweather’s skills on show whilst harbouring the hope that Cotto might step up and deliver in the face of adversity.

In the case of Timothy Bradley and as noble as he is, he doesn’t make for good fight build ups and this was reflected in the poor sales for Devon Alexander clash.

Floyd Mayweather Jr might well be the most arrogant man on the planet but he knows how to sell something and he’s a promoter’s dream ticket.

In an attempt to shake this promotion up and to give an insight in the life of ”Desert Storm” Bradley I’ll be doing the usual showcasing of the 24/7’s in the lead up to the fight starting with the first episode entitled ”Road To Redemption”