I’m sure every man, woman, child and tired dog sleeping by the fire have seen and heard this by now as it did happen last week. I was watching the show at the time but due to being slumped on the sofa with a few cans of the world’s finest beers known to man, I couldn’t have been bothered getting up to post this at the time. Such dedication I know!

Several days went by and for some reason this popped into the old brain factory so if you haven’t seen it yet and you happen to stumble upon the site, now is your chance.

To summarise it briefly, Graham Norton had Will Smith, Gary Barlow and Tom Jones on as guests on The Graham Norton Show and the topic of Will performing the rap came up. Cue the admittance that every audience member knows the words and the presentation of a synth to Take That’s Gary Barlow and you have some entertaining viewing.

All present in my house at the time rapped along to it as it’s a certified classic.

Never mind what Eminem says about Will Smith’s raps being too clean. At least they’re not utter garbage likes your latest efforts Marshall.