Young, squeamish kids look away. Adults who love the look of a man who’s tattooed to look like a lizard and is putting a massive corkscrew in his nose pay attention.

The Lizardman made an appearance on the Ryan Tubridy hosted Irish programme ”The Late Late Show”. Fear not however, if you ever feel like watching the show yourself don’t let the name fool you. It starts at 21:30pm.

Erik Sprague, better known as The Lizardman, is a freak show and sideshow performer, best known for his body modification, including his sharpened teeth, full-body tattoo of green scales, bifurcated tongue, subdermal implants and green-inked lips.

To the horror of the Irish audience, Sprague runs a large corkscrew through his nose, back down his throat, out his mouth and into the beautiful gauge in his ear.

After a small conversation with host Tubridy, he’s then prompted to take it back which he does slowly and with an exaggeratedly pained look on his face.

The crowning glory is when the corkscrew has been removed he licks the top of it. Ever the showman!