Ever wanted to perform magic with three iPods and sync them simultaneously? I haven’t ever had the desire myself but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good trick when I see one.

The protagonist in question is Swiss magician Marco Tempest. He’s best known as a magician/performance artist who combines video, computer graphics and other technology of the moment with the ideas and technology of magic.

A native of Zurich, Switzerland, Tempest won numerous awards as a youngster for his use of illusion with contemporary choreography. While still in his teens, he became one of Europe’s top professional magicians as part of the duo United Artists. Collaborating with Martin Cottet, Tempest presented an unusual four-hands “flash act” in showrooms and on television throughout Europe and Asia.

The trick combines the syncing of iPods with some slight of hand, a bit of 3-card monte, a dash of a butterfly appearing from no-where and a sprinkle of a smiley face popping off the screen.

I couldn’t dream it up if I tried but if you want to get the application that was used to sync the iPods, it’s available for free at the App store. Here are the instructions on how to use it: marcotempest.com/multivid