More Awards Than Arsenal’s Trophy Cabinet

Back once again with some BetDash action and we’re pretty much well acquainted with the game up to this point. We’ve looked at the basics of the game and in part 2 we looked at a logged in account to see the way pending and settled bets displayed along with the game countdown and a brief look at challenges.

Today we’ll have a butchers at the Trophy Cabinet, My Mates and the Game Feed.

  • Trophy Cabinet

I love this section of the site because it lets you keep track of exactly where you’re at and it gives you the opportunity to use awards to place bets without having to put some of your balance at stake. That can be the difference between bankruptcy and reaching the hallowed million balance.

Some of the awards featured are Jammy Dodger(You must win 1 bets with cumulative odds over 25/1),Trainwreck(You must go bankrupt 1 times to unlock) and Big Kahunas(You must win 1 bets while risking your entire bankroll using the Bet All of your bankroll booster)

  • My Mates

It’s pretty self-explanatory because it’s where you can add friends, check followers and invite friends to the game. Inviting a friend is recommended as it will unlock your Mr Popular award giving you an extra 20k to play with.

Underneath the ”Current Game” tab on the left you can see the ”All Time High Score” tab which will allow you to view the highest score that your mates have reached and their current bankroll and heat index. See someone who’s on fire? Why not click on their profile and copy some bets from them to boost your balance.

It’s a feature such as this that differentiates BetDash from a normal sports betting site. Where as you would have no way of seeing another customer’s bets, here you can and it may help you reach the million quicker.

The last of the three tabs on the left is your BetDash rank which is displayed as #300, if you are that rank in the BetDash game.

  • Game Feed

Finally we come to the Game Feed which is located under the Bet History section of your account. This shows any updates that are happening in relation to your game. As you can see from my feed I’ve redeemed the max 25k in challenges that are allowed within the game.

Below the Congrats! message you can see a Congratulations!! notification which shows that my inkling for spotting a bad bet were correct and I have been awarded 2.5k for successfully challenging someone else’s bet.

So that concludes part 3 of the BetDash over-view and we’ll resume it tomorrow with a look at the Leaderboard, buy in options and Boosters.