If and when Steve Kean finally gets the sack from Blackburn Rovers, the one job he’s not going to be suited to is a psychic.

After watching the four minute video where he touches on issues such as Phil Jones, Big Sam Allardyce and some of the younger players, he makes the amazing prediction that the club would finish in the top half of the table and win the Carling Cup.

Bear in mind they got relegated to the Championship and got knocked out of the Carling Cup in the fifth round.

So what does Steve Kean have on the Venky’s that keeps him in employment? Apparently the Venky’s favour upstanding citizens according to Kean, as Allardyce was sacked because he’s a ”fucking crook”.

Coming from a man with a conviction for drink driving it seems a tad contradictory.

Whatever happens from this point forward, Kean and the owners must realise that his position is untenable as he’s responsible for the  club being relegated and the man they ousted upon purchasing the club will most likely be plying his trade with the  West Ham in the Premier League next season.

Nice work Venky’s.