There’s no actual certified poll to say that it’s officially the greatest but as far as this author is concerned it is. If you’ve never seen a Slamball game before just think of it as Dwight Howard in a slam dunk contest on steroids getting hit by Ray Lewis.

SlamBall is the creation of Mason Gordon, who wanted to create a combination of sports that approximated a real-life video game, and the name SlamBall is owned by Gordon’s company. Upon developing the concept, Gordon approached Mike Tollin, a TV and film producer of SmallvilleWild Hogs, and Coach Carter fame. After giving it some thought, he agreed to help Gordon. Painstaking thought was put into the development of the game. Many different ideas and concepts encompassing everything from court construction to team strategies were addressed. Six months after their first meeting, a court was constructed in a warehouse in East Los Angeles, California.

Games are played in four 5-minute quarters, unlike the NBA, which plays for four 12-minute quarters. The game commences with a “bounce-off” in which the ball is bounced at center court. The ball must reach its apex uninterrupted, at which point the players are allowed to “check” each other.

First played in Los Angeles, the game gained attention from street basketball players in the area. Within a year, 400 people had been enlisted as potential players. Open tryouts were held and the selection of players based on athletic ability, body control and court awareness started. Reducing numbers to about 60 players, the first ever SlamBall combine was held where players and coaches learned safety, the game and basic strategy.

Because SlamBall is a fairly new sport, the primary skill set has yet to be determined. Skill sets from sports like track & field, gymnastics, volleyball, baseball and action sports have the potential to impact the development of the sport. The development of Street Ball also makes athletes from outside the college and pro ranks an exciting addition to the talent pool.

Wanna know more? Then take your behind over to the official SlamBall website.

This is where the magic happens. A view from above of a SlamBall court.