Another day, another courting of controversy from the one-time England International Joey Barton. To put things in perspective, your team is staring relegation from the Premier League in the face and you’re looking to get a result against the champions elect who have a home record of 17 wins and one draw from 18 games at Eastlands.

Step up Joseph Anthony Barton to make the task even harder.

After a confrontation with Carlos Tevez which resulted in him seeing red from referee Mike Dean, he then went on to kick Sergio Aguero and attempt to headbutt Vincent Kompany.

His justification for this according to his Twitter account is:

Such integrity from the Liverpool born midfielder.

What’s most fascinating about Barton is that he is still in employment by a team in the Premier League. I can understand controversial players like Mario Balotelli being tolerated because they actually contribute to the  team. In Barton’s case, he’s a Championship standard footballer who is quickly running out of teams and managers that will find room for an under-performing individual who is more famous for his Twitter contributions rather than his one pitch ones.

A possible nine game ban at the start of next season for a team which will invest heavily between now and August could result in Barton being shown the door.

If this is the case, I’m sure he’ll take the criticism well considering his now in-running spat with former England player Alan Shearer.

You’ve got to hand it to him though because he’s on the money with Alan Shearer. Not only is he one of the most mind-numbingly boring, irrelevant critics but his face kick on Neil Lennon and subsequent behaviour towards the FA was more disgraceful than anything Barton has ever done on the pitch.

Here’s the video but my favourite part is David Batty moving Neil Lennon’s legs off the pitch so they can play on. The don’t make ’em like Batty any-more and where penalty shoot-outs are concerned I’m sure England are delighted.