Beach House’s fourth album Bloom is pretty much everything you’d expect from the duo at this stage in their career. After what was a huge commercial breakthrough with their third album, Teen Dream their sound is doing what the name would suggest; it’s blooming.

That doesn’t mean that it strays from the archetypal Beach House sound, they still present evoking, atmospheric, monstrous sounding tracks without the need for loud instrumentation or raised voices. It’s an art to be able to fit this much into an album while leaving enough space for it to digested by the listener.

On The Sea is the second last track off the new album and the trademark Beach House chord progression is instantly recognisable. You know they’ve made it, you’ve heard something similar before but that doesn’t mean it’s not as enjoyable or short on ideas.

When the mandolin-esque guitar floats in just around 90 seconds it all starts coming together. The track progresses, synths enter, the piano melody becomes layered and it all sounds incredibly epic.

It’s what Beach House do and Victoria LeGrand and Alex Scally are masters of it. Check out their website for more details on the new album and touring schedule.