I generally tend to hate most tracks that feature either auto-tune or something resembling a chipmunk. As you can well imagine I utterly abhor Lil’ Wayne for those reasons and the fact that he’s just an awful rapper.

Fortunately Canadian based d’Eon only has sprinklings of both but relies heavily on fat dollops of crunchy, creamy synth work. That more than makes up for any Kanye West tendencies.

Al-Qiyamah is the track in question and is the closing number on his new long-player, being released on 5th June this year and is economically entitled ”LP”

The track is a nine minute journey through synths, vocals, distortion and features the sound of a mobile phone/bordering on dial-up Internet connection sound at the end.

All sound a bit strange and weird? Well it is and it’s brilliant so throw and the headphones and get listening.

If you like the good man d’Eon have a look at Hippos In Tanks website. That;s the label who’s releasing the new LP.