There’s nothing more depressing than your worst league finish in the Premier League era and it’s only compounded by having to wear a bad kit whilst doing it.  So that means next year, Andy Carroll and co. can score less goals combined than Lionel Messi whilst wearing a lovely new retro looking kit.

Craig Bellamy says ”It reminds me of Liverpool kits in the 70’s”. It’s a shame the trophy haul of the last 20 years doesn’t remind you of the Shankly/Paisley era too Craig.

Andy Carroll gets to wear some armor here also, just to add to the weight of expectation that comes with a non-sensical price tag.

I notice Luis Suarez didn’t have anything to say in this clip. I’m sure he was probably too busy scowling at Glen Johnson. You know how he gets!

I really hope the jersey has some kind of padding for when the likes of Downing and Henderson come crashing down to earth after King Kenny’s rush of blood to the melon spending spree.

The one positive is the ”96” on the back of the jersey in remembrance of the people who lost their lives at Hillsborough. A classy touch.