Like a bus!! I’m not going to take full credit for that because it’s a comment left on the YouTube video but I was thinking it anyway. Honestly.

If you want to see a foam sword wielding student get flattened by a bus and then walk away unscathed you’ve come to the right place.

Nick Engmann, a University of Texas student, was hit by a Capital Metro bus. Amazingly he walked away without serious injuries without only his pride slightly dented.

The video shows the bus driver did not run a red light and was following the law. However, CapMetro safety policies are more exacting; drivers are trained to stop when lights turn yellow.

The driver stopped at a green light but when the light turns yellow, the driver accelerates and hits Engmann.

If you’re going to run out on to a busy road with a fake sword in the middle of the day, you probably have too much time on your hands and deserve what you get.