It’s fair to say that some people don’t always get what they deserve. Just think Jimmy White, Martin Scorsese and you can add King Creosote to that list too.

How his collaborative effort with John Hopkins didn’t win the Mercury Music Prize is beyond me. The honour went to PJ Harvey and the more I listen to their Diamond Mine album, the more of a travesty it becomes.

King Creosote is Kenny Anderson, a folk singer from Fife in Scotland and John Hopkins is an electronic musician and producer from south of the border in London. The two got together for their 2011 release, which was shortlisted for the Mercury Music prize.

The plucked guitar strings and lonesome vocals of King Creosote are perfectly backed by the ambient atmospherics of Hopkins on what can only be described as a slice of musical heaven. It sounds better now than when I heard it last year and will remain timeless for years to come.