I officially give up trying to describe how good Lionel Messi is. 50 goals in La Liga this season, 72 overall and 210 in 217 games under Guardiola. According to Pele he’s not even the best South American player on the planet. I swear the green-eyed monster isn’t lurking about!

Messi’s four goals against Espanyol were inconsequential in terms of La Liga, with Real Madrid having already secured the title, but it was an emphatic display by the Catalan giants for departing manager Pep Guardiola.

After Messi’s fourth goal, the soon to be re-crowned World Player Of The Year ran to the touchline for an emotional embrace with Guardiola. The camera then follows him back to the dug-out where he looks like he’s trying his best to fight back a few tears. Seated next to him is the new coach Tito Villanova, whose face looks to be saying ”How am I going to follow in Pep’s steps”

Not a task I’d relish either.