Expect Floyd’s ”0” Not To Go And Something Mexican To Be Worn Give The Days That’s In It

Pretty Boy Mayweather. Where do I begin? We’ve been documenting the fight via the HBO 24/7 episodes here on CCC and I feel that I may have been a little hard on the man above.

He is ridiculously talented, harder to lay a glove on than the front of a Spinal Tap album and I can’t see Cotto causing him too much trouble tonight. That’s how slick an operator he is.

I can only hope that Cotto’s new Cuban trainer has hatched up some super plan to take down the Money Man but odds are he hasn’t.

Floyd isn’t the biggest banger you’ve ever seen and Cotto is tough. I expect another tactical approach and William Hill are offering 8/11 for Floyd Mayweather Jr to win on points and I’m taking that all night long.

Get on-board.