We’re big fans of Paddy Power here at CCC. Not only because their odds and money-back specials are great but because their adverts are akin to a night of unadulterated passion with Susan Boyle; they go where no man has gone before.

This time around the adverts focuses on the hot topic of goal-line technology. In this case it’s a different kind of crossing the line. The two finger kind that usually doesn’t include the use of a glove from my experience but does land you in hot water when caught by the boss. i.e. your wife or girlfriend.

Roy Hodgson has a real battle on his hands keeping the England team focused, given that John Terry will be sniffing around the camp.

Talking of sniffing, that’s my favourite part of the advert. Bring on the general disgust of the public at the gesture and the playing into the hands of the Paddy Power Marketing team.

Job well done.