I know the DEA have been playing with the thought of a slogan for a while now but I think ”Out of sight out of mind” is the frontrunner for it at the moment.

Just when the memories of Guantanamo Bay and some lurid poses were starting to fade the DEA goes and out-does itself on this one.

After gate-crashing a 420 party and apprehending some of the most dazed and confused members of US society, the DEA decided to hit this stoner where it hurts most. Five days with the munchies and only his urine for company.

Hunger is bad enough after some Mary Jane, so five days without crisps or water is nothing but torture. Ironically he’s Asian, which only adds flames to the fire.

His lawyer, who seems a tad hesitant when suggesting Daniel Chong had done nothing wrong can almost smell the settlement cheque and rightly so.