If you haven’t heard yet, Adam Yauch, aka MCA,  has lost his battle with cancer at just 47 years old. One quarter of the ground-breaking Beastie Boys, he had been suffering from the illness since 2009.

Yauch, along with Mike Diamond and Adam Horowitz formed the Beasties in 1979. Their first full album ‘Liscenced to Ill’  became the first hip-hop album to top the Billboard album chart and featured the track ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)’ which is linked above.

In total, the band released eight albums including ‘Paul’s Boutique’, ‘Check Your Head’ and ‘Ill Communication’.  Yauch had been directing many of the band’s videos and in 2002, he launched the film production company Oscilloscope Laboratories

The Beastie Boys are still one of my favourite acts of all-time and in a time of such dire and direction-less music, it’s sad to see a true legend pass away.