This gem of a track came across the desk for the first time at the beginning of April and upon first listen I thought it sounded too clean, if that makes sense. What I always loved about Squarepuhser, Aphex Twin and some of the Warp crew from the early 90’s is that you knew the tracks were made on analogue equipment in some crack den or dank Jeff Ward basement somewhere and it added to their mystique.

So my hesitancy at first with this was to wonder if Squarepusher aka Tom Jenkinson to the tax-man, was going down a new, super-clean sound route. Then I listened more and more and realised that I don’t really care. Nor should I. When the music is this crazy and mental, yet melodic and addictive it’s time to just kick back and enjoy it for what it is. It’s refreshing to still have labels like Warp willing to release forward thinking material like this in the 21st century.

Next time you hear some generic Cher Llyod trash on the radio spare a thought for actual musicians.

Squarepusher’s new album Ufabulum will be released on Warp Records on the 14/15th May. For more info on pre-order and all that jazz pop over to Warp’s website.