The Roland TR-808 is like the Burt Bacharach of electronic music instruments. You’ve heard it’s sound a million times but you never realised just how prolific and influential it was.

Being a techno freak, I’ve used the sounds of the 808 and it’s nothing other than amazing. It was a studio must in the 80’s and like all cyclical nostalgia, it’s use has peaked again. Sadly the standard of rapping that goes over the beats in the 2000’s is embarrassing but don’t let that detract from the machine’s potential.

From Juan Atkins to Kanye West or featuring on Whitney Houston’s 80’s tracks, you can hear it in full effect. Take for example the beat of Sexual Healing by the late Marvin Gaye, it’s all 808.

If anyone has a spare one lying around they’d like to donate, CoolCounterCulture will be forever appreciative!