Before you ask the inevitable question, yes it the answer, we have seen this guy in some low-budget porn from Amsterdam in the 90’s. The jumper, the moustache, those jeans! He’s certified this guy.

Retro Bobby is the main protagonist of the video and he’s pretty legendary. One thing I would recommend is that if you find yourself in Denmark looking for a haircut, check out Bobby’s barnet before you let him near yours. He seems quite persistent in mentioning haircuts and will even trick you into playing the NES whilst cutting, just so he can give you a retro buzz.

In reality the guy has a great heart and does everything for the right reasons. Nostalgia and a few Danish krone for his troubles and he’s happy enough. If you were born in the late 70’s/early 80’s you’ll recognise most of this stuff and if I’m ever in Copenhagen, I’m dropping by to say ”Hej” to Retro Bobby.

You should do the same.