The competition between Queensland and New South Wales is aptly named the State Of Origin and takes place each year in Australia. I’ve been watching it for a long time but I’ve never seen this moment topped.

In Ireland when we say ”the state of” something, it’s a way to describe an occurrence that’s pretty pathetic, embarrassing and bad.  If I were Brett Hodgson, embarrassment and shame are the primary emotions I’d be feeling when re-watching this.

You can see it in his eyes, after he’s been crocodile rolled all over the pitch, how ashamed he is. And rightly so. On the other hand Gordon Tallis’ eyes just look pure demented.

Hodgson now plies his trade for Warrington in Super League in the UK, safe in the knowledge that Tallis is at a minimum, a long-haul flight away.

More Tallis footage to come in the future.