I’ve liked Ice Cube since the first time I heard his song. Over the years I’ve come to think of him as more of an actor rather than a rapper which is a transition he’s made admirably.

After watching 21 Jump Street and with the MO line of ”infiltrate the dealers, find the suppliers” still ringing fresh in mind, I thought I’d have a listen to some golden age rap.

Since Lil’ Wayne has single handedly destroyed what we call rap, we’ve really only got the old classics to listen back to.

The DJ Pooh beat is ridiculously smooth and avoiding a car-jacking, shooting or other such fatal occurrences never sounded so good.

Living in Ireland the only threats we seem to have to avoid on a daily basis are a speed camera fine or heart disease.

With old-school references like the Supersonics, Yo MTV Raps and even the mention of the word punani(long before Ali G said it) what’s not to like about this track?