I’m on a serious acid buzz today so it’s surprising how coherent my writing is.

I jest, as there is a strict no drug policy here at coolcounterculture(my darling mother might be reading this)

Luke Vibert got the link treatment with his I Love Acid cut but and this track features some acid too. Not the dotted place on the end of your tongue type but rather the acid sound.

The squiggly high pitch noise that is present throughout is the sound of a Roland TB 303 which is the maker of acid house noises.

As much as I like to highlight good music a good lesson in music technology history is never far off either. I’m a sucker for Larry Heard tracks and old school machinery and this has both in spades.

Anyway this song reminds me of the end of a session in Ibiza with the sun rising and the back of some girls head blocking my view. I hope she had sunglasses on for her sake.

Fun times.