There’s some people in life that you shouldn’t expect much of. More recently there are entire casts of reality TV shows that have lowered our expectation levels to a standard we once thought unimaginable.

When you think of Jersey Shore, the entire line-up of douche-bags are offensive to every sense and fibre of your existence. In the case of The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex, not so much so.

He’s a simple being, to the point where you might find him as a sidekick to Derek, in Ricky Gervais’ new Channel 4 show.

Keith Lemon, the sordid host of Celebrity Juice, puts Joey through his paces with such challenging questions a ”what is the capital of France?”

While Joey himself admits that he’s ”not clever” but has ”common sense”, you’d have to wonder where a man like Joey would be without an audience that embraces him simplicity.

Reality TV making stupid people rich. Who needs a college degree?