This abomination of a song first came to my attention pre-site.

It stirred up all kinds of misogynistic feelings that had been confined to the deepest depths of my soul. The last time I had interacted with them was upon viewing a Kathy Griffin show episode.

In the course of writing this I’m listening to the song and for once I’m devoid of the necessary words to fully convey my feelings for how aurally offensive this is.

From the use of the same words repeatedly in sentences a la Kanye West to the snare/clap that hits twice too often per bar to the pitched vocal and singing.

People say that music in the 60’s wasn’t necessarily better than what we listen to now. I’d have to disagree.

While this stupid hoe would have undoubtedly shifted a large amount of 7 inches in 1960 something, I doubt she would have sold much music.

If you get my drift.