Sgt Pepper 2012 Cover. Click The Pic To View The Article

To mark the 80th birthday of Sir Peter Blake, the iconic cover of Sgt Pepper has been given the once over and updated to reflect the times we live in.

The crux of the The Guardian’s piece centres around the lack of black faces in the updated version. I’m not sure I fully grasp the meaning of this.

South Park were smart enough to create Token Black, the brilliant named schoolmate of Cartman and the gang. While it’s funny, it’s pretty much on the money.

We shouldn’t have to include black faces for the sake of it. That same logic applies to the inclusion of white faces.

The fact this issue is being raised either highlights that Sir Peter Blake is a certified racist(which I doubt) or the journo types are highlighting their own lack of cultural progression and understanding.

Either way, I prefer the original cover.