It’s tough to take when you’re sister is inducted into the Hall Of Fame 17 years before you but Cheryl Miller was pretty good it’s fair to say.

The 1996 Olympic Gold medalist is quoted as saying ”She was a role model. She is a role model. She set the bar high for the family and I’m just glad I’m on her coat-tails, dragging me along to the Hall of Fame”

I prefer to quote Family Guy on the WNBA when describing how the women ”command $7,000 a year”.

As glamorous as the WNBA isn’t, I’m sure the most hated man in New York will be delighted to be joining the greats of the sport upon induction.

I was going to post a video of Miller roughing up Michael Jordan, but I thought it would be a little bit blasphemous.

To Jordan.

Instead, enjoy the best of Mr. Clutch.