This song first came to my attention in 2011. Given that I wasn’t running this blog at the time I had no way to convey how sultry and entrancing this song was except to tell people via word of mouth to YouTube it and listen to it.

It’s Prince-esque in so many ways, but in the complimentary form of comparison as opposed to the type that lands you in court for utter plaguerism.

So it’s not a Beach Boys scenario of robbing  Chuck Berry’s song Sweet Little Sixteen and trying to pass it off as their own on Surfin’ USA.

It’s deep, unapologetic and sounds downright spiteful. Someone irked My Hynes and he doesn’t seem to happy about it.

If you don’t know Blood Orange, it’s a British guy called Dev Hynes who was formerly creative under the guises of Lightspeed Champion and Test Icicles. The album Coastal Grooves dropped in 2011 and is utterly recommended.